YILINGARDEN has become synonymous with great excellence and value. It’s built on a foundation of quality combined with value to every penny. It is well grounded by rich manufacturing experience and is growing into a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of garden care products.

AGUATECH is the premium name in the garden care industry as an optimal source of innovative and high end irrigation products. It’s the right name comes first to mind when smart irrigation is in need, especially for indrustrial or commercial applications.

Yilin Aguatech Co. Ltd was founded in the city of Ningbo in September, 2003. Everything was tough at the beginning. With only 20 employees and 500 sq. meter workshop, the first product we worked on was flower pots and our first R&D project was water timers. It was not easy to find the customers and earn their approval and trust. We tried hard and participated in Canton fair frequently in early years and fortunately found some clients.

Great breakthroughs came to us in 2006 when our R&D team worked out varies types of water timer and nozzle products successfully. Those quality products soon won the trusts of many well-established clients over the world and we began to collaborate. From then on, we began to deliver spray nozzles to Home Depot in USA, and OEM water timers to many global famous brands such as Toro. As a result, customers could easily find our products in Europe, Australia and USA

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